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Wales has one of the fastest-growing air ambulance services in the UK.

From one helicopter flying limited hours each week, the organisation now operates three helicopters and provides cover across the whole of Wales every day of the year. Since 2001, the aircrews have flown more than 8,300 missions throughout Wales, saving countless lives in the process.

Air ambulance cover can make a crucial difference in a medical emergency. The helicopter’s speed and its ability to access remote areas make it an ideal solution to the particular problems posed by the more rural parts of our country.

It can also provide the fastest method of reaching locations difficult to access by a land ambulance, such as beaches, docks and golf courses.

The medical profession is strongly of the opinion that a patient’s chances of survival are far greater if they reach hospital within one hour, often called the golden hour. The aircrews can be anywhere in Wales in less than 15 minutes, getting the paramedic on scene fast, the patient to hospital fast and free up land ambulances for front-line work.

Many of the calls we attend are to road accidents, and the air ambulances enable us to take patients with serious head injuries rapidly and comfortably direct to neurological specialists without having to go to a local A&E and wait for transfer.

The Welsh Air Ambulance Charitable Trust was established to raise funds for the Wales Air Ambulances and working in partnership with the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust.  The £1 million needed in funding is raised from public donations, an in-house lottery and 10 shops. There is no financial support available from Central Government or the National Lottery. The success of the charity to date is thanks to the commitment and generosity of the people of Wales.

For more information and ways to donate, visit the Wales Air Ambulance website


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