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At the Welsh Ambulance Service we want to help educate and inform the public how to use 999 and other ambulances services in the best way.

We have worked on a Stop and Think campaign and are also working with the Welsh Assembly Government on helping people access the ‘right’ healthcare provider for their need.

We also support the fundraising campaigns of the Wales Air Ambulance and our Community First Responders

1000 Lives Campaign
The ‘1000 Lives Campaign’ aims to reduce risks to patient safety by implementing life-saving interventions developed by clinicians in Wales.
Interventions include better management of medicines, reducing healthcare associated infections and surgical complications and improving general medical and surgical care.
By taking this action, Campaign organisers say they can prevent 1,000 avoidable deaths and avoid up to 50,000 episodes of harm across Wales in the next two years.
Campaign Co-Director, Dr Jonathon Gray said, “More than one in ten people admitted to hospital are harmed unintentionally by its care. It is believed there is a one in 300 chance of accidental death through errors in care. Many of us know of people who have not had the standard of healthcare they need in hospital or primary care.
“Staff in the NHS know this too. We save lives every day. The 1000 Lives Campaign will help save more.” Read more about the campaign here.

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