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Partners join forces to promote the In Case of Emergency (ICE) Campaign

Wrexham ambulance crews are getting behind a campaign designed to bring assistance to those in distress during the winter party season in Wrexham town by making sure that numbers count.

During the busy Christmas season, the ambulance service is re-launching its commitment to the In Case of Emergency (ICE) campaign as part of Wrexham Community Safety Partnerships - Safe Wrexham. Think Safe Drink Safe Christmas campaign

The ICE campaign encourages people to keep emergency contacts on them at all times either by storing numbers into their mobile phones under the ICE acronym or by carrying ICE cards with them in their pockets purses or wallets.

Campaign posters will be displayed throughout Wrexham during the Christmas period. ICE cards will also be made available at pubs and clubs for people to fill in their emergency numbers and store in wallets or purses.

By pocketing this idea, paramedics will be able to assist people in need by contacting their loved ones or friends under the ICE contact in their phone, or listed on their personal card.

Ian Laing Wrexham and Flintshire’s acting locality ambulance officer commented "Our main aim is to make sure people who need us are kept as comfortable as possible. We don't want to see them highly distressed and this is where the ICE campaign helps by letting us get in touch with the people they want by their side. It's such a simple idea to take on board but yet it can be a very effective tool for the emergency services."

Regional utilisation manager and paramedic Huw Davies has covered Christmas shifts over the past in Wrexham.
Huw, also of Wrexham explained: "I've spent a considerable amount of time working in the town over the Christmas period. There is nothing worse than seeing someone who is distressed, hurt and alone and being able to contact loved one can make a huge difference . I hope people will make the effort to type in just a few ICE numbers into their mobiles or pop a card into their wallet or purse as these little snippets of information can give valuable support for the patient and for us “

The ICE initiative has been developed by the Ambulance Service and will be a valuable tool for the paramedics working in the town during the busy Christmas period. However street pastors, licences and security staff and also the general public will also be able to offer assistance to anyone in need by accessing the ICE contacts on phones or on cards carried by people.

Councillor Bob Dutton Lead Member for Communities and Performance commented: “We are delighted to be supporting the North Wales Ambulance Service ICE campaign as pat of our Safe Wrexham – Think Safe Drink Safe Christmas campaign. We want people to come into Wrexham this Christmas to celebrate and enjoy themselves safely. Simple initiatives like the ICE initiative can make a huge difference to people should they find themselves in need of assistance or support whilst out at night. I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes to either fill in an ICE card or simply put ICE contact details on their mobile phones “

16 Dec 2010 09:10

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