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Trish Mills

Trish joined the Trust in August 2021 from the Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust where she was the Trust Secretary.    Before that, Trish had held Executive Director of Corporate Governance/Board Secretary, and Director of Legal Services positions at Sidra Medicine in Qatar.

Trish is an Australian national with longstanding roots in Wales and brings with her both NHS and international Board and governance experience in both healthcare and education.   She is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales, and her legal background and training lends itself to a focus on the regulatory environment in which the Trust operates – utilizing that framework to best effect to enable the Trust to achieve its strategic objectives.   Trish has a keen interest in ensuring clear lines of sight and communication from the front line to the Board and back, and the mechanics and dynamics of good integrated governance.

You can contact Trish on 07508-279533 or