Volunteer of the Year Award 2021 (Volunteer Car Driver)

Volunteer of the Year Award, 2021 (Volunteer Car Service)

Please find below all the nominations for the Volunteer of the Year Award, 2021 (Volunteer Car Service)

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Central & West Wales Region

1. Amanda Williams

In July 2021, Amanda Williams was on a shift as a Volunteer Car Driver and driving through Aberaeron, when they noticed a patient lying down in the street with someone kneeling over them. Unable to drive past without offering help, Amanda asked if everything was OK and was advised that the patient wasn't breathing. Amanda pulled over immediately, got out of the car and performed CPR alongside the other person, who was an off-duty nurse, despite the conditions on one of the hottest days of the year and the fact that they were in the middle of a very busy high street. Amanda also spoke to colleagues in the Clinical Contact Centre to ensure they had a full picture of what was happening and remained with the patient until the crew were able to convey to hospital. By this point, the patient was conscious and talking, an incredible outcome given that they had been unconscious and not breathing earlier. In addition to being a Volunteer Car Driver, Amanda is also a Community First Responder in Llanelli, and Amanda used that experience of delivering emergency care in the community to help deliver a great outcome for this patient in very different and unexpected circumstances!

2. Aneurin Evans

Aneurin is a long-standing Volunteer Car Driver, always prepared to go the extra mile for other Volunteer Car Drivers but especially patients.

3. Eirian Williams

Eirian always helps out when he can, will work past original hours if needed and will even come in on his days off to help out. He’s polite to colleagues, as well as his patients, and always has the time of day for everyone. If we need him, all we do is give him a phone call and more times than not, he’s willing to shuffle things around to help. The service would be at a loss without him and he is so deserving of this award.

4. Michael Daniel

Michael has been working with the Welsh Ambulance Service and its Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service for coming up to 2 years... he absolutely loves his job. He takes great pleasure in helping all patients get to and from their appointments safely, and makes sure they are comfortable and at ease. Michael is a happy go lucky man, always kind, thoughtful and he shows this when he is working. Michael has had a lot of feedback from patients, saying how helpful and kind he is and how he made their journey to and from hospital a comfortable one by having a lovely chat and laugh with them. I personally think Michael deserves this award, he puts his all into this and enjoys every minute helping the public. Thank you.

5. Terry Holder

Terry has such a polite manner and a lot of patients request him when they need transport. He's kind and courteous and does well within his role.

North Wales Region

1. Edward Chambers, Brian o’Shaughnessy, Sally Jones & Stephen Evans 

Edward, Brian, Sally and Stephen all have about 90yrs of service between them and are very conscientious and lovely people. Acknowledgement and recognition would mean a lot.

2. Howard Dickson

Howard has been driving for the ambulance service for 34 years. In all this time, he has shown his dedication to the job by traveling all over the UK with patients. Being polite and communicating well with staff and patients, Howard is always ready to help when he can, even when it's his day off. He is very proud to wear his new uniform.

3. Sylvia McCabe

Sylvia is an awesome driver.

South East Wales Region

1. Ernest "Tony" Anthony Dale

Tony has just completed his 25th year of service as a Volunteer Car Driver. Out in all sorts of weather, he has never failed in his duties. He has dug patients out of their homes when there has been snowfall overnight, knowing how essential it is to get them to their treatments at Velindre or at Dialysis Units. Tony works up to 14 hours some days, he is always reliable and always goes the extra mile to provide a great service to the Trust and their patients. During the first year of the pandemic, Tony was unable to volunteer as he was over 70. He was so keen to return to service as soon as it was safe to do so. During the pandemic, he helped family and friends by picking up groceries and prescriptions. To win Volunteer of the Year would be so special to commemorate Tony's 25 years of service.

I have nominated Tony in recognition of his dedication and commitment to the service he provides as a Volunteer Car Driver. In the 20+ years I have worked for WAST, Tony has always been professional and compassionate in his role. Unfortunately during the COVID crisis, Tony was forced to suspend his work with WAST (he was missed by those of us that know we can rely on him), but he was back with us as soon as he was able. I feel that after so many years, and thousands upon thousands of miles, Tony really does deserve recognition.