Public Recognition Award 2021

Public Recognition Award, 2021

Please find below all the nominations for the Public Recognition Award, 2021.

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1. David Manning-Lee (Healthcare Support Worker - Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny)

My husband David was redeployed to ITU in Nevill Hall Hospital from his Diabetes Support Nurse role. He has worked so hard and has never questioned or complained once, and being a new dad at the time was difficult enough without Covid. David also help set up a rest unit for the Welsh Ambulance Service at Tredegar St. John Ambulance, so crews had extra room to take breaks on their downtime.

2. Dr Ian Bowler, Dr Raymond Monsell, Dr Rob Davies, Dr Matt Creed, Mr Tim Austin (Voluntary Medics - MEDSERVE Wales)

I think we need to commend these voluntary doctors who work for MEDSERVE Wales. Ian for running the charity as Chairman, Matt and Tim for a huge amount of administrative hours put in, and Ray and Rob for the incredible amount of responding to medical emergencies across South Wales.

3. Martyn Price (Rhayader St John Ambulance Service)

Martyn Price and his colleagues work full time with their normal employment, yet still volunteer and keep the Welsh Ambulance Service supported 24 hours a day. They never moan, they are ALL so dedicated, courteous, providing treatment and empathy - they are a real credit to the voluntary service. Without them in Rhayader and the large surrounding area, the Welsh Ambulance Service would not be able to carry out the service they do.

4. Pamela Gannon (Member of the Public)

I am nominating Pamela Gannon for her outstanding contributions towards the Welsh Ambulance Service and the NHS throughout the pandemic. Pamela handmade over 500 scrub bags just for Welsh Ambulance Service staff members, handmade thousands more scrub bags, face coverings and ear protectors for NHS hospital staff and volunteers, care homes, private carers and schools. She created her own design lip reading mask for vulnerable adults and carers who rely on communication this way, ensuring they didn't feel excluded from this new normal. She has also handsewn 300 chemocare bags provided to chemotherapy patients at Ysbyty Gwynedd's Alan Ward.