Volunteer of the Year Award 2021 (Community First Responder)

Volunteer of the Year Award, 2021 (Community First Responder)

Please find below all the nominations for the Volunteer of the Year Award, 2021 (Community First Responder)

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Central & West Wales Region

1. Ashley Page

Ashley provides countless hours responding to emergency calls in the community, making a significant impact to patients conditions on arrival. His work as a Community First Responder also stretches to installing public access defibrillators in the community, giving those who are critically ill a fighting chance. His dedication and commitment is second to none and he should be recognised for his outstanding achievement.

2. Clayton Watts

Clayton has been a huge support to me since I joined Llanelli Community First Responders. He is only ever a phone call away whether it’s in a medical, procedural or supportive role. He invited us to join him on-call at first when I was finding my feet and lately to refresh my skills. He also joined us on a call when we needed advice. He puts countless hours in to help in the community and fundraises for the group. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Clayton!

3. Gareth Elms

Gareth gives up much of his time, usually volunteering 5 to 6 days a week. He loves to be out meeting people and making a difference in the community. Even though he is based with the Neath and Port Talbot area, he is always happy to travel where is needed.

Gareth has always been a dedicated volunteer with an extensive history of serving the public. More recently, Gareth is frequently seen supporting #TeamWAST as a first responder in the Neath Port Talbot area. I have had many occasions where I have backed up Gareth and am never disappointed - his keen and friendly nature, coupled with his willingness to learn and develop, is deeply humbling.

4. Jack Evans

Jack is still a young man and I see him regularly doing his normal Clinical Contact Centre shift, then being on call as a Community First Responder. He is such a nice, caring young man and deserves to be recognised.

Never have I met a person as dedicated and driven as Jack Evans. I've only worked alongside him for a few months but in that short time, I've noticed how passionate he is about the Trust. When he's in control he balances a strong professional demeanor with his ability to make anyone laugh after a tough call, but his work life isn't why I'm nominating him. I want him to gain some recognition for his endless Community First Responder (CFR) work. Numerous times after a long, tough shift, Jack will still sign on as a CFR for his area and spend hours assisting patients and the ambulance service. The hours he puts into his community work on top of his work hours is astounding. Recently, Jack even managed to bring back a patient from a cardiac arrest whilst he was out responding. The Welsh Ambulance Service is such a big and important part of Jack's life and gaining some recognition for his hard work would mean a lot to him.

5. Rhayader First Responders

Rhayader Community First Responders are an elite team of volunteers responding in rural mid-Powys. As a member of control staff, I see the massive amount of effort that these guys put into responding to their communities. On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, dropping everything at a moment's notice when the alerter sounds. Providing cover not only to the people of Rhayader, but surrounding areas as well. Rhayader responders can always be relied on to attend any emergency call that we give to them. I have experienced first hand the awesome work that each and every one of Rhayader's responders do from a control point of view, and also have the pleasure of working alongside them.

Please consider awarding Community First Responder of the year to the Rhayader Scheme as a group. Throughout the last 12 months, they have regularly been attending numerous calls a month, supporting WAST.

6. Wendy Lewis

This amazing lady has not only been a role model to me, but a total inspiration to the Community First Responder (CFR) family. Wendy has been my rock and my back bone over the past 10 years. We have laughed and cried, seen and done a lot of things most people would not normally experience, but hey-ho we are still here standing tall! I will never have another partner who has given their time and experience to enhance my time within the CFR family as Wendy has. I feel that time is closing in on us as a pair due to Wendy's health issues, even though she remains strong and independent - but hey-ho lady, there’s a time where I need somebody to carry a kit 😂. I have total respect for Wendy as a friend, as a college and she's the best CFR I have come across. Wendy is truly an inspiration for our next generation of CFR’s. P.s. Wendy, your parking skills ain’t the best but we did it kid 😂 (that’s your words by the way). Wendy is amazing - total love, total respect.

North Wales Region

1. Gareth Mason

Gareth keeps us all up-to-date and in check as a local team - an all round amazing guy.

2. Jonathan Lawton

Jonathan shows dedication to the job and is always volunteering his spare time. Jonathan has a professional manner and is fully commited to giving his all in order to try to save a life or help others.

South East Wales Region

1. Mike Hope and Lucy Rowlands

Mike and Lucy signed up as Community First Responders in Cardiff just before Covid hit. They have been out and about responding to 999 calls each and every week since then, volunteering their time for nothing more than the 'thanks' they get from patients. They have been excellent in providing care and support to patients in such scary times and continue to do so on a weekly basis. They’re equally calm dealing with red emergencies, drunken wanderers, sick babies and fallers on the floor. I haven’t come across any other Community First Responders who volunteer so regularly or with such enthusiasm, and I honestly can’t praise the pair of them enough.

2. Roger Marshall

Roger is a very active Community First Responder. He will answer the call to action and muster the troops when called for! He goes above and beyond with his organising of scheme meetings. He also helps the Patient Experience and Community Involvement team and Welsh Hearts. He has excellent clinical knowledge (pharmacology) and colleagues that know him will seek his advice with medication. He has excellent patient interaction skills and can make the most upset patients and relatives feel at ease.

Roger is an extremely dedicated Community First Responder (CFR). He spends many, many hours responding to his community and is a coordinator for all of the Cardiff CFRs and is an excellent mentor for new CFRs.

3. Simon Webb

Simon continued to respond throughout the pandemic and also assisted in training the military/fire service in the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. Simon and I both sing off the same song sheet - Simon has always got my back and is a credit to the role of Community First Responder volunteering.

4. Tracey Kinsey

Tracey has completed countless hours as a Community First Responder throughout the pandemic and many hours assisting on a rapid response vehicle. She always gives 100% and has been a fantastic help during the pandemic.