External Provision

Working towards a joint objective to provide transport safely in the community

As well as using our own non-emergency vehicles to transport our patients to their hospital appointments we also rely on the assistance of alternative providers.

These providers whether on a voluntary basis or through our 365 Framework, take on scheduled work throughout Wales.

We are always looking to welcome new providers on board, below is some further information and contact details should you wish to enquire further.

We can;

  • Offer you sustainable work throughout Wales to enable you to utilise your resources at quiet periods;
  • Offer flexibility to fit within your busy and quiet time periods;
  • Offer competitive rates;
  • Help raise your standards through inspections & training and offering risk assessments;
  • Help you in achieving your objective as an organisation to provide transport safely in the community.

We have two options available; you can choose to work via one or both, whichever is best for your organisation!


For more information and to speak to one of our team please contact olivia.barnes@wales.nhs.uk