Mental Health

The Trust's Mental Health team was established in 2018. Despite being early on our maturity journey we have had some significant achievements in the last year. These include:


  • Rapid access to mental health intervention for staff in place since December 2018
  • Additional mental health support into high pressure areas (CCCs)
  • #WASTkeeptalking campaign to improve help seeking and reduce stigma has reached over 2000 people 


  • Over 200 front line staff trained in Suicide Intervention Skills
  • Over 100 front line staff trained in alcohol brief interventions
  • Mental Health curriculum developed and integration project underway
  • Mental health e-learning under development
  • Working with Samaritans on suicide and self-harm e-learning for blue light system


  • Commenced modelling ‘what good looks like’ in crisis care
  • Worked with two police forces to put mental health triage in place
  • Commenced work on mental health conveyance
  • Modelling for WAST mental health ‘hear and treat’ service
  • Working with other UK ambulance services to build models and AQIs around mental health

Our draft long term ambitions for mental health are aligned to our Integrated Medium Term Plan priorities to 2022. We aspire to:

  • offer a single point of access to people in crisis and become the call handler of choice for crisis care, and for advice to professionals in the field
  • See and treat most people in crisis without conveyance to EDs
  • Work across the system to develop alternatives to EDs and to convey people in a timely manner to wherever they need to go
  • have a confident, capable and well supported workforce who can offer crisis intervention in the most effective and efficient manner possible
  • To take up our full role in the mental health system in Wales by working consistently with our partners and to continuously improve our offer to the public