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  • Jennifer, 32

    Just wanted to say a massive thank u to the lady who took our 999 call and helped us deliver our baby girl safely into the world, we honestly couldn't of done it without her as neither of us (mam and dad) are medically trained and certainly have never been in the situation before. The lady was so calm and talked us through everything very clearly and calmly. Our baby arrived at 3.37am and I honestly couldn't thank the ambulance service enough.

  • KT, 76

    Hello On Friday 25th January my wife was taken very ill. After speaking to my GP surgery by telephone they advised me to call an ambulance immediately which I did. The ambulance and team arrived in a very quick time and the crew of three were absolutely brilliant. I CANNOT PRAISE AND THANK THEM ENOUGH - THEY WERE AMAZING! My only regret is that I did not notice the names of the three female members of the crew but through yourselves I would be most grateful if you would pass on my sincere appreciation to them and indeed everyone involved from the call handler onward. My apologies for the delay in this response but it has been a very hectic time since and thankfully my wife is improving. Many thanks again

  • Claire, 33

    I would like to say a massive thank you to the Welsh Ambulance Service, unfortunately we had to phone 999 early hours this morning (11th February 2019) as my son who is 4 years old was struggling to breathe as a result of croup, the lady my husband spoke to at the Ambulance Control Centre was great then F(paramedic) arrived who was absolutely fantastic, followed by another 2 crew members, all three of the crew were extremely professional, efficient, calm and knowledgeable, they were quick to put us all at ease, not at any point did they make us feel we had done the wrong thing by calling them out. I feel the NHS and emergency services do not get the credit they deserve and would be very grateful if you could pass on our appreciation to the 3 crew members who attended and the lady at the control centre, I did not catch the gentleman’s name who attended but I think the other paramedics name was A. The incident number was XXXX, and their pin numbers: XXXX & XXXX (Base X). We will not forget the excellent service we received, thank you very much

  • Rebecca, 37

    I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to one of your crews who spent a number of hours on a call with us on Friday, trying to help us through a very difficult situation. They were very patient with all parties and did everything they could to try and resolve the issue, which was the most help we'd had off anyone up until that point. The situation is now being dealt with by the appropriate agencies, and support is being arranged. Thank you again, from myself and my family.

  • Nicholas, 53

    I wish to convey my gratitude to the paramedics who attended my mother at xxxxxxxxx address around 10:30pm on Wednesday February 6th. They were superb in putting a frightened old lady at ease and conveying her to hospital with the minimum of ceremony. Also the two gentlemen in who’s ambulance mam spent her first few hours at the Royal Gwent . She’s now home and treated with antibiotics. Please do try and trace these four individuals to tell them of my thanks, I couldn’t have managed without them N Son of E

  • Anonymous

    Hello I just wanted to say thank you to the ambulance staff that came to help my father in Mold yesterday afternoon. I believe their names were A, A and J They were lovely with my dad and I just wanted to say thank you to them and make the ambulance service aware Diolch yn fawr

  • Sue, 55

    We, as a family, want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who responded last Monday [15th January] when our daughter's car left the road about 8 miles outside Aberystwyth. She was trapped in the car, in the dark,on her own, no witnesses and very disorientated by rolling the car down a pretty sharp incline. From the lovely lady [I'm sorry names are a bit of a blur] who kept talking to her until she was found and then rang us,the Ambulance, Police and Fire service and the team at the hospital who looked after her whilst we headed 6 hours across country- Thank you. Diolch yn fawr. Our daughter walked away with cuts and bruises and soft tissue injuries. Her guardian angel working over time. I've worked in the NHS [as a nurse, A&E sister, midwife, health visitor] the past 36 years. I know the NHS is the greatest but this, very personal experience has been a humbling experience. I do wish we had the name of the ambulance control operator to thank personally. We get so many complaints I know how important it is to get praise. Thank you. Thank you from all of us. Our daughter was a very special gift to us and because of the team on duty last Monday we have our special girl, battered, bruised but very much alive in her own bed at home. We'll be celebrating her birthday soon and will raise a glass to you, our friends, our heroes. Thank you

  • Gemma, 31

    I would like to praise staff involved in an incident on Christmas Day, where our 3yr old son was having difficulty breathing. A paramedic arrived within 10 minutes to our remote location on Anglesey and as soon as he walked through the door we felt reassured by his calm approach. My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank H (staff number xxxx) from Holyhead for his time and care, especially on Christmas Day! Thanks to his care and having the drugs our son needed, we didn’t need to spend our Christmas in hospital.