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  • Ian, 68

    I’d just like to pass on our sincere thanks to the paramedic who responded to our call about my wife who had slipped and fallen whilst out hill walking and injured her ankle. (She underwent a 2 and a half operation at hospital yesterday) All aspects of his response were brilliant. He was creative in managing the rescue from the hill side, in not very pleasant weather conditions and was very professional, personable, caring and reassuring dealing with my wife who was obviously in a high degree of pain. I imagine most of the feedback you get will be about things that went wrong and whilst we understand it’s important to know that so improvements can be made, we feel it’s just as important to recognise when things are done well. As she starts her long road to recovery I know his response and actions will be in our minds for a long time. The NHS could not have a better ambassador. I would be grateful if these comments could also be brought to the attention of the relevant management.

  • Sarah

    Hey you super hero’s: I was absolutely blown away by one of your team, last Saturday evening. I had called to see my Aunty and around 5.30 we arrived. I knew instantly she was really sick, but she told me not to phone the DR or an ambulance. Lucky for me M was visiting a neighbour. When he finished I asked for his advice and he was truly supportive. This guy was about to come off shift but he checked if he could come in and see my Aunty. This guy had a personal call and heard a family member was in an accident and still he stayed to save my auntie's life. We were all emotional as my Aunty was not in the best mental health, but honestly M was honestly awesome. He really deserves any recognition you can give him. You all should be incredibly proud to have a M in your crew. I will always be grateful for him for caring and going above and beyond for my Aunty

  • Lise, 57

    I am writing to thank the officers who attended my Dad early on Saturday morning in Tremeirchion. Storm Arwen was still raging and there were trees blocking most routes into the village but they fought their way to us remarkably quickly and then administered CPR and other procedures without interruption for a long time. They treated him and my Mum with kindness and respect all the time. We really appreciate their care and professionalism. Thank you.

  • Cerianne, 34

    A week ago I had to have an ambulance as I was in so much pain wife got nervous because I was in so much pain and called 999( as she should have)! I ended up being ok and things turned out fine. But I am writing about two of your paramedics K and C. They went above and beyond to make sure I was physically and emotionally safe… once they assessed me and determined I was ok they spent time comforting me because I was upset. They was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and had a way about them that made a scary situation much less for my family and myself. I will never forget they calmness and abilities. I felt like even though my call was not of a serious matter… I think they treat each case as though they all matter…no matter how critical or not. When you are laying on that stretcher it is scary and important to you and family to have a caregiver treat you as though you matter is priceless. People always write to complain but not as much to compliment. So I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what an asset you have to your team. I will never forget his kindness and professionalism.

  • Brian, 69

    Had reason to contact the out of hours service (Swansea) twice these last few days. We had an elderly female relative that needed medical attention. The patient age 102 yrs old. Both emergencies were dealt with efficiently and promptly. Response times were just under an hr or there about. The Paramedics who attended were faultless in the way they dealt with my wife’s mother who had previously fallen and was suffering the consequences. The care and consideration along with her subsequent treatment was exceptional. On behalf of myself and my wife would you extend our sincere appreciation to all involved. Regards

  • Lynfa, 56

    I would like to thank the ambulance service for the care given to my mother last night. She fell at her home and although she remained on the floor in her house for over 5 hours we felt supported and informed during the wait. Although this wait was not ideal I appreciate that more urgent calls need to be prioritised and my mother was not in any immediate danger. She was safely transported to hospital where she is currently undergoing treatment as an inpatient. The original call handler explained the waiting times and the nurse who rang was very clear in her instructions and professional. The ambulance crew who eventually attended the house were lovely. They were friendly but professional throughout and very patient and reassuring to my mother. They gave clear explanations whilst assessing and eventually transferring to the ambulance. I didn’t take their names but hopefully you can extend our thanks to them. Many Thanks again Lynfa

  • Anonymous, 31

    Hi, I am currently in XXXX hospital Post natal ward. I had a student paramedic with me from XXXX force today. I am trying to find out who he is so I can pass on my thanks. Are you able to help me? XXXX missed his calling as a midwife. He was amazing today. He held my hand through contractions, talked rubbish to me to distract me through the examination, checked to make sure my husband was OK during the scary bits, went to check on the baby whilst I was bleeding and my husband was torn. He held my knee, helped me change position, helped me get a pillow to breast feed. He stuck around when I hemorrhaged and held my hand and constantly reassured me. Which was more reassuring than the midwife. Long story short, I couldn't have done it without him and I will be forever greatful. I want to find out what base XXXX is at so I can send him a card. My contact number is XXXXand my email isXXXX.

  • Deborah, 53

    Words fail me on how amazing the first response was from his call out to being by my side was 7 minutes , dealing with me being covid positive in such a calm manner was so reassuring. Thank you so much to this first responder and the whole of the NHS you are most definitely heroes