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  • Beverley, 62

    I would like to praise, as highly as I possibly can, the four ambulance crews involved in transporting my, soon to be 95 year old, mum and myself to three recent appointments at Neath Port Talbot Hospital. Their professionalism, kindness, thoughtfulness and good cheer was an absolute joy to witness, putting my mum at her ease on each occasion. I'm afraid I can only remember five of the eight men involved S G,D, R, T and R but if you can trace their colleagues on 10/05 ; 24/06 and15/07 we would be grateful if they could all be singled out for our most grateful appreciation.

  • Rhian, 49

    Thank you to all team members tonight from the initial call handler to clinically experienced team member in the control room and paramedics who provided a swift calm and an excellent timely response to a patient in need .Apologies for the garbled history given in a stressful situation .It is so reassuring to know so many excellent people work within your service . Your immediate response was greatly appreciated

  • Cerys, 23

    I'd like to express my thanks to the team that looked after my Nan after she dislocated her hip in Ely this morning. D, J and C were all lovely and were respectful and honest to my Nan, keeping her informed of what was and what would happen while chatting to me as well. Recognition where its due, they did a fab job and got her to the Heath comfortably and quickly, I hope they get to see this and know how grateful me and my family are for being there for my Nan.

  • Bill, 72

    On Sunday late evening an ambulance was called to HPB Henllys Beau Maris responding to a cry for help for me, Bill; S and S attended. I should like to pass on my thanks to them for their kindness and help during a very painful episode of what turned out to be a badly infected gall bladder replete with a number of stones. I was admitted and remained in Hospital for 3 nights while the situation stabilised. They displayed professionalism & kindness although S’s joke passed me by. Don’t give up the day/night job I hope this can be passed to them Bill

  • Angela

    999 response In the early hours, I suddenly devloped difficulty in breathing which was an extremely terrifying situation for me. My husband contacted 999 and I would like to say thank you to the call handler who took the call. She was very supportive and professional in dealing with the situation and helped to calm him down. The paramedic crew who attended were fantastic. the care both clinical and personal they gave to me made what was a very terrifying situation for me easier to deal with. The way in which they explained everything to me made me feel safe in their care. As a nurse myself I can't empathise enough how important that is. They even came to check on me when I was in resus, when they bought another patient in later that morning. Please could you pass my thanks to them. I'm now recovering well at home

  • Dafydd, 57

    A big thanks to the paramedics who attended my mother last night in Porthcawl after she had a fall. They were extremely helpful and gave me all the information I needed to make the decisions for her. To know that she is in great hands takes a lot of worry from me considering that I live a long distance away.

  • Jade, 30

    I recently fell down the stairs in my house resulting in a dislocated shoulder and knocking myself unconscious. I woke only minutes later to find my 10 year old son had dialed 999 and was organising an ambulance! He was so brave and did everything he was told to do. He was also trying to keep his sisters, 8 and 2 years, from getting upset. I would like to say a massive thank you to the operator who my son was speaking to, and obviously a massive thank you to my own brave little hero! The ambulance crew were also amazing with the kids and ensuring them that everything was ok.

  • Tina, 49

    After a week of feeling poorly I was told that I had all the symptoms of Sepsis, in the doctors surgery at Llanfyllin. An ambulance was called within 10 minutes the crew arrived. M and R I have found out since were their names. |Mhelped me with nebuliser and breathing. I was of course scared and don’t expect to find myself in this situation. They got me to hospital having to deal with a diversion because of an accident and with M’s assessment I went straight into resus. I was passed over quickly and efficiently I was there until 1 in the morning. I was treated for Sepsis and I was admitted as I had Also got bronchitis and pneumonia. The next day M came and found me in the ward. So kind of her and meant the world to me. They were superb. I would like to say Thankyou to them both very much for their kindness treatment and care. I am a single widowed mother 49 and being reassured treated and cared for as I was meant a lot to me and my two children xxx Thankyou again M and R xx