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  • Janette, 64

    15/2/21 Can’t thank paramedics enough O and B attending to elderly Mum 94yrs old Wrexham for their speedy arrival, prompt attention, calming manner and care given, prompt professional attention after Mum found by morning carer, being on floor after a fall all night and in a lot of pain. There were other immediate concerns to which I can’t thank these guys enough, for their knowledge patience and skills. Their speedy but calming attention not only relieved mums pain, but saved her life. Elderly mum safely delivered to Wrexham Maelor, brilliant service - can’t thank these guys enough, so much appreciated and our respect on behalf of all the family.

  • Cara, 34

    January 21st I fell off a horse in South Wales breaking my fib & tib, I was taking care of by S and J from the Bryncethin ambulance station outdoor rescue. I just want to pass on my gratitude and thanks for the way I was taken care of, we were on a mountain in the freezing cold and they were brilliant in their care. For what was the worst thing I think I’ve endured I still remember how amazing they were and how safe they made me feel. Please pass on my most sincere thanks to them if possible. Cara.

  • Savannah, 25

    Thank you so much for your service today, my little boy had an allergic reaction, the ambulance was with us within 4 minutes and the paramedics J and J were absolutely outstanding with him, so caring and professional and kept him calm and happy. They are a true credit to the team.

  • Anonymous, 63

    Good Evening I need you to do something for me. I need you to find the three members of your staff who rocked up to my home on the 23rd of January after my wife's 999 call at some time around 8pm and pass on my thanks. In short, one minute I was sat down watching the telly, and the next the left hand side of my head seemed to go AWOL - as if there was nothing in it. At the same time I lost the sense of feeling in my right arm. The speed by which whatever it was seemed to pass and the fact it was two events on opposite sides confounded the consultants for most of the night and following morning but it certainly seemed to be a TIA. A very nice chap who I only know by his first name - M - was on my doorstep in about six and a half minutes from the start of the call in a Rapid Response Vehicle and he subsequently called in two ladies with a full size ambulance to get me to the Grange A&E. I know the two ladies that rocked up with the ambulance were S and Clare M from "Hawthorn" station. More than anything else I want to thank all three for putting my endless chatter, a direct consequence of being absolutely terrified at what was going on. I owe them all a debt of thanks for helping me hold it together during a set of events which now I look back I realise actually were NOT the worst day of my life but certainly were the most terrifying. While waiting at The Grange, I did suggest that I might send the very nice chap who operates a gin and prosecco "trailer" at Brecon Jazz and Fringe round to your HQ to offer something from the bar all round, but that might present some operational difficulties for the upcoming shift. One of the ladies with the ambulance suggested I write a letter saying thank you instead. Probably a better idea and less calories too. I had hoped to actually WRITE this, and I mean fountain pen, ink and Basildon Bond paper, but alas the TIA (or something VERY like it) for which we called you out has robbed me of some feeling and dexterity in my fingers, and while that is returning, my handwriting remains well beyond illegibility so I will have to resort to sending this by electronic means instead. As for my current condition, I seem to have had remarkable success as dodging what a little internet searching indicates could have been massively worse. I was actually allowed home the following day.

  • Stacey

    Yesterday my elderly auntie was taken to hospital, and until the following day we had no idea where she had been taken which was very stressful. I wanted to thank, and have recognised, xxxx, Service Manager, who dealt with my call and was incredibly helpful, understanding and professional.

  • Heather, 48

    Just wanted to say how amazing XXXX and XXXX were with my mum in Ruthin this morning. Lovely manners, helpful, kind, reassuring and very efficient. Highest praise for them. Thank you so much.

  • David

    Hello, I just wish to thank and praise the team and ambulance crew that attended a call at my next door neighbour's house yesterday morning 08/02/20. She is an elderly lady in her early 90s and had fallen downstairs where she laid all night sustaining cuts and bruising. She was in a position stopping us opening the door. Your team's help and calmness over the phone, keeping me informed of progress whilst gaining info was very encouraging and professional. The ambulance crew gained access without fuss or drama and from that instant we felt a weight lifted from our shoulders knowing that she was in very safe, concerned arms. I know they are trained for this but to carry on in such a supportive, friendly way with all the other pressures going on at this time is just so admirable and heart warming. We haven't spoken with her yet but she is recovering in Glangwili and her daughter says that she is also extremely thankful to you. I wonder whether you could let the team know. Thanks again or as we say, ''werth y byd.'' Diolch

  • Anonymous

    I called 999 earlier this evening as my father in law was unwell. Two volunteer First Responders were dispatched and arrived very quickly. They were so professional and knowledgable and provided relief and comfort. They also changed a worrying atmosphere into a more light hearted one. They were amazing and to know they do this to voluntarily is truly heartwarming. Thank you.