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  • Mandy, 59

    I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to two teams of paramedics who attended my father. My sister, brother and myself are providing care for my father in his own home and we were told by his GP (who we had called) to ring 999 as he had fallen and his pulse and breathing problems had increased. The first team that came, were immediately apologetic for the time they had taken even though we were more than happy and didn't feel it was a lengthy wait. They treated my father with the utmost respect, compassion and care. My father has full capacity and refuses to go into hospital - L & D read and dealt with the whole situation with complete professionalism, warmth and humour in exactly the right amounts. They carried out checks, were in contact with a doctor/team and even chased up a prescription that we were being told we couldn't have until the following day - we were consequently able to collect the meds not long after D made that call. C and C came out next (C was able to prescribe) - D and L stayed until they came. This team were just as thorough, supportive and amazing with my father as the first team. C arranged for a nurse to call to take bloods that evening and he said that he was working the next morning and would make sure he would look at the results and ring us - true to his word he did. C was very supportive and explained he has an elderly grandmother and how he understands the issues we have, very reassuring to know that the health professionals that are caring for your loved ones have personal as well as professional experience. Neither team left until they were certain we didn't have any other questions or concerns. These teams made a very stressful situation much easier for us to deal with, we will always be grateful to them. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the subsequent GP visit/telephone queries! Which was only highlighted by your outstanding care. My next letter is going to them, I will be suggesting they need to liaise with your service to access your training provider for patient care (or just get a few pointers from D, L, C and C)!

  • Rachel, 38

    My mother fell down the stairs. Broke her hip. The two wonderful ladies who attended to her were amazing. She was taken to hospital. I know one of the ladies was called L and I didn’t catch the other lady’s name. They were an absolute credit to your service. They went above and beyond to make my mum feel comfortable and did everything they could to ease her pain and get her seen asap. Even though mum was in so much pain, they wished they could do more to help her but they have no idea how much it meant to us that they took such great care of her and myself. We were in the ambulance with them for about 4 hours. Once their shift ended we were greeted with another wonderful technician named D. He took over my mothers care. Even though she was still in an ambulance he did everything he could to make her comfortable and made me feel at ease. He brought me tea, helped to change my mum with the nurses and even fed her jelly. He chatted to me the whole time whilst mum slept in the ambulance. Made sure the lights were low so she could sleep and again did everything to make her comfortable as she was In horrendous pain. I know people moan about the NHS but when you have wonderful, hard working paramedics and technicians working for you, it shows the true nature of the service. I cannot praise them highly enough. Thank you to these 3 wonderful people who made a traumatic event bearable. They deserve all the praise and recognition in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love Rachel

  • Taylor, 23

    My son was having difficulty breathing, after a call with 111 they dispatched an ambulance to us. Which was with us within minutes. 2 super friendly male paramedics, who made my son feel comfortable and even made him laugh a little! Very efficient.

  • David, 77

    I recently attended an eye clinic for eye laser treatment and your organisation provided transport to and from the hospital. I wish to say thankyou to all your staff for their kind and courteous manner in carrying out their work. Right from the first telephone contact to being returned safely home all staff were pleasant, caring, helpful, professional and knowledgeable at all times during my contact with them. I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks and appreciation to them all as they greatly relived my anxiety and concerns regarding my operation. Best Regards, Dave

  • Stephen, 59

    I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Ambulance team (G & L) that attended my aunt on Saturday 21/01/23 in Bargoed. My Aunt who is 76 had a fall and broke her femur and hip. The ambulance arrived within 25 minutes of being called and the crew were fantastic. They treated my aunt with the utmost respect and made sure they explained what they needed to do and carried out their treatment with care to ensure my aunt was in as little pain as possible. Once she was stable enough to move, the crew got her in the ambulance and proceeded to take her to the Grange hospital where they cared for her whilst waiting to hand her over to the hospital staff. The crew made a difficult and worrying time for us less stressful and can only be commended for their professionalism. In the times we are in where response times and waiting times are being criticised I thought it only right to say what a fantastic job the ambulance service did for us and proved they were there when needed. Thanks once again for all you do .

  • Mary, 70

    On the 20th of Dec 2022, I had a fall at home, struggled with the horrendous pain for 2 days, but something was wrong, so called 999 as by now I was screaming and a lovely paramedic by the name of L came to my aid on the 22nd Dec. He thought I broken some ribs and he was right. 8th and 9th ribs .Then 2 very caring young ladies came with the ambulance and I spent 9 days in poly trauma unit at UHW..I want to thank them so much for the care, and kindness shown.

  • Richard, 67

    To the two paramedics who attended this morning, we would like to thank you both for your professional and compassionate manner and the advice you gave which helped greatly in a stressful time. A big thank you from us all. Who ever reads these, please make sure the message gets passed on!

  • Tracey and Andrew, 55/58

    Emergency 999 response Please send our heartfelt thanks to the crew who attending my mum on xmas, I believe they were from the Newport crew and heard the call as they were signing off. They saved my mum's life literally and she is now home and doing well. From memory it was El and I. Both very young and amazing Thanks both for saving Christmas!