Volunteers are an essential part of the Welsh Ambulance Service, giving up their spare time to help without being paid.  Community First Responders are trained volunteers that give life saving treatment to people whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive and Volunteer Car Drivers transport people to and from hospital.

Here are some more details about what they do:

Community First Responders
Community First Responders volunteer their spare time to attend some 999 calls. They are part of Community First Responder teams in the area they live in.

When someone calls 999 a Community First Responder from the area is sent to help at the same time as an ambulance is sent.  As the Community First Responders live in the same area as the person who called 999 they usually get there before the ambulance.  The Community First Responder then gives life saving care to the person until the ambulance arrives.

Community First Responders are trained on basic first aid and can give oxygen to patients as well as use equipment that can re start people’s hearts.

To become a Community First Responder you:
- must be 18 or over
- must be calm in an emergency
- must be willing to give your time to help people in your local area
- have basic English and Maths skills
- have a full driving licence
- have access to a car

Volunteer Car Drivers
Volunteer Car Drivers transport patients to and from their homes to hospital appointments.  The patients they take may have some mobility problems but they can get in and out of a car without any help.  The volunteers let us know when they have spare time and then we let them know who to pick up, what time and where they need to go.  We pay the volunteers for every mile they drive to cover the basic running costs of the car.

To become a Volunteer Car Driver you need to:
- be fit and healthy
- have a full clean driving licence
- be a car owner (5 door) with fully comprehensive insurance