Agenda - 23 September 2008

Trust Board
Tuesday 23 September 2008
10am, Pentre Jayne Morgan, Penglais Campus, University of Wales,Aberystwyth.

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  1. Download Procedural Matters
  2. Time To Make A Difference Programme Update 
  3. Welsh Ambulance Services Trust Workforce Plan 2008 
  4. Developing Management Capability and Capacity: An integrated strategy fort the Welsh Ambulance Trust 
  5. Bullying and Harrassment Action Plan 
  6. Healthcare Standards
  7. 1000 Lives /Global Trigger Tool
  8. Safeguarding Children
  9. Complaints,Compliments,Claims and Litigation - Performance April to June 2008
  10. Proposed New Reporting Arrangements for NHS Direct Wales Operational Service
  11. Pay Awards for Staff Not on Agenda for Change Contracts
  12. Proposed Directorate Title Change

  13.  Operational Performace: July 2008

  14.  Finance Position at 31 August 2008 

  15.  Debtors Arbitration

  16.  Minutes of Committees

Date of next Meeting: 25 November 2008