Gweld Adborth

  • Peter, Mature

    I wish to to record my sincere thanks to the wonderful people who attended my wife in our home yesterday evening. She was suffering severe chest pain very frightened,( first time ever) Mother and brother both died of heart failure. Firstly, two wonderful first responder ladies arrived, then a paramedic - he was superb, then two wonderful ambulance men ( they ought to be on the stage) I cannot describe fully our appreciation for their kindness and professionalism. I am pleased to report that I was able to pick my wife up in the early hours of this morning, having been cleared of any heart or serious problem. Once again thank you thank you!

  • Darren, 50

    A WAST call handler kindly stopped to help me, when I was a cyclist who got knocked of my bike by a car, on her way home from night shift (I think?) The RTA happened between 6am and 7am. She was so kind to stop and help and also gave me a scarf to keep warm until the ambulance arrived. I would like to say thank you to the kind person and return the scarf. Any help in tracing this person would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Tony

    Hi Would like to send praise and thank to the paramedics that attended to my mother on Saturday 24th April 2021 at approx 09.30 am. Believe their names were J and L. They were very helpful and professional Best Wishes T V

  • Jean

    We would like to thank E and D (based at Whitland) very much for their kindness and dedication to their work this afternoon while attending to my elderly mother who had fallen outside. They were so efficient and kind and we are very grateful to them for their patience and calmness. Please pass on our thoughts, thank you

  • Alison, 61

    I would like to thank the two lovely, caring paramedics who attended my Mum today. I didn't get their names but they were so good. She had fallen and they suspected a broken hip. They took so much care. They attended her house in Caerphilly and took her to The Grange. Please thank them for me.

  • Gareth, 34

    I would like to express my utmost thanks to two members of your team for the service they provided to my grandfather who was taken ill on Sunday 18th April, 2021. XXX and his partner XXX (Not sure of surname) were what can only be described as outstanding. Their knowledge, professionalism and general manner and care towards not only my ill grandfather, but also to my worried grandmother, was exemplary and I cannot praise and/or thank them enough. XXX is an old school friend who had visited my grandparents house on several occasions when we were growing up which certainly helped to make them feel at ease but they were of course unfamiliar to XXX. This did not effect the care they showed in any capacity and they should both be commended for their work. XXX contacted me a few days after the incident to see how my grandparents were and this I feel goes way beyond the call of duty. Both men are an absolute credit to the NHS and they should feel extremely proud of the service they provide. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this feedback in more detail and would like to nominate both men for any future service wide recognition, via awards/commendations.

  • John, 73

    Re the emergency 999 response. On Monday 19th April, we unfortunately had to call an ambulance for my wife who was in excruciating pain and having trouble breathing due to a kidney blockage. We were visited by xxxx, xxxx and trainee xxxx. These three were absolutely amazing and dealt with the situation in a calm, professional and compassionate way. We cannot thank them enough for their kindness and care. We know they will only say they are doing their job but that night they were quite literally lifesavers and we feel so grateful to them and the ambulance service. You are our superheroes.

  • Anonymous, 34

    My son became unwell on Friday 16th April, and we were advised by the Out of Hours Doctor to contact 999 due to concerns over his breathing. We did have a bit of a wait for the Paramedics to arrive, but someone from the ambulance service called us to ask whether his condition had remained the same or whether he had deteriorated (which thankfully, he hadn't). At approx 5am on the Saturday, an ambulance arrived and the Paramedics introduced themselves as xxxx and xxxx (the driver), and after checking on my son advised us that he would be going to Ysbyty Gwynedd to be checked over by a Doctor. They put both myself, my partner and my 10 month old son at ease with their manner, after a long and worrying night. Could you please pass on our sincere thanks to them? I'm sure it's been a long year in this line of work, and I'd like them to know that their actions and manner were very much appreciated by us. Thank you