Gweld Adborth

  • Dwynwen

    Compliment 2 paramedics attended my Mother on last week and were absolutely excellent. The care provided was outstanding and I wish this message be relayed to their Manager please. Thankyou.

  • Bryony, 31

    I called for an ambulance after finding my husband having a seizure. I was supported by a call handler to help my husband and start CPR until emergency services arrived. Several paramedics and HEMS came to help and I can’t thank them enough. My husband was found to be suffering a brain haemorrhage and was stabilised before being flown to hospital. The ambulance staff made the worst day of my life a little bit easier and also reassure my young daughters. I would please ask that my everlasting gratitude could be passed on to every person who helped me and my husband and although he remains very unwell they have given the best possible chance of survival. You really are all real life super hero’s and I’m so grateful that you came to our rescue.

  • Carole

    I would like to thank the ambulance crew that attended to my Husband tonight. They were polite, courteous, efficient, and sensitive to the position my Husband is in. Please relay this back to the crew, as I want to give them a big THANK YOU! Ambulance crews have a hard task, and both my Husband and I appreciate everything they do. They deserve to be be respected and appreciated, and to know that they are. So, thank you again guys - you make life easier and more do-able.

  • Hannah, 39

    I had to call 999 for my 3 year old son whose breathing was rapid and noisy. He was struggling to catch his breath and was starting to panic. I'll not forget when he looked at me to help him. A rapid response paramedic was dispatched and an ambulance and they were at my house in no time at all. R the rapid response paramedic was such a relatable guy and really put an emotional mum at ease. He was thorough in his examination and my son remained calm. The other 2 paramedics were also fantastic reassuring me that I'd done the right thing phoning 999. After a quick dose of steroid, my son was calm and his breathing was much better. It turns out he had awful croup. R made an appointment with the out of hours for the next morning as a follow up as I didn't want to unnecessarily take him to hospital if I could manage him at home. I cannot thank all 3 of your crew enough! They were incredible and even a thank you doesn't seem enough. I hope in the nicest way we never cross paths again but I am so grateful for their services and their kindness to me and my family that evening, and the laughter and humour they brought. Not all superheroes wear capes and I know that's true with these guys. I don't know all their names but I hope you can find them and pass on my gratitude ?? The rapid response paramedic was R but I didn't hear the other guys names I'm sorry. You guys were awesome!

  • Paul, 60

    After paying 3 visits to A&E with the same issue which was being hardly able to walk, I took a turn for worse and my wife had to call for an ambulance, she spoke to a nurse from the ambulance service who arranged for the out of hours doctor to visit, the doctor arrived and assessed me and arranged for me to go to the surgical assessment unit via ambulance, when the ambulance arrived the crew came in to see me and the only way I could describe them is Professional, helpful, friendly, and really interested in helping me they were amazing a true credit to the ambulance service.

  • Ronald, 71

    Shrop doc sent a ambulance car to me on Sunday 8th May ,said possible wait of one hour to four hours. He was here in under one hour and his name was L. From the moment he came in, he put me at ease and worked on me continuously ,did all the test checking and rechecking the results at the same time reassuring me , and keeping me calm. He advise that I needed to go to Hereford A & E for further tests , he called for an ambulance and said he would stay with till they came. After a while he checked they where on route and they duly arrived and I was taken to Hereford A & E. The ambulance crew that took me to Hereford were also so very good with me and made sure I was checked in. All I want to say is a big heart felt thank you to all involved and would you please pass on my thanks.

  • Jo, 60

    Sorry I can't remember the crews names but just wanted to thank the team that took me by ambulance to Morriston Hospital after a fall at Lower Clun Gwyn waterfall on Saturday 30 April. I believe the rescue team got me to the ambulance about 4pm. The crew were so kind and caring and made a terrifying time easier for me. Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job you do

  • Gareth, 70

    Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to record my grateful thanks to the Welsh Ambulance Service having needed to call 999 on Friday 29th April at approx. 2.40pm. The ambulance arrived within about 10 mins and the 2 crew (a male and female) were extremely professional, calming, kind, polite and reassuring. I had fallen from a ladder whilst cleaning the upstairs windows of our house - the feet of the ladder slipped and I slid down with the ladder it would seem. I had a cut to my forehead, knees and hand. There was concern about my neck and head after such a bump so I was stretchered and taken to resus at UHW. The crew were quick and kept my wife informed as she had to wait outside. I then had wonderful care from the resus dept. and thankfully returned home the same evening without any broken bones etc. I don't have the names of the crew but hope you can locate and thank them for their much appreciated medical expertise at such a frightening time.