Gweld Adborth

  • Tracy, 56

    I would like to thank the two paramedic technicians who attended my friend L in the early hours of Saturday morning 23rd October in Holyhead. The young man's name was J, I didn't get the ladies name.. It was a long wait for the ambulance (very busy Friday night) but when they did arrive they were very lovely. They were professional and very caring and kind to my friend who was quite upset and worried. She has complex needs and they met them with kindness and care. They kept our spirits up at the hospital when waiting to be admitted. I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to these two lovely people. Thank you T

  • Linda

    I required an ambulance and the services of of a paramedic on Saturday 16/10/21. I was waiting for 1 hour, a time that I had been told to expect. I was safe and comfortable waiting in my son's home. The two ambulance staff were excellent. Professional and friendly and caring. The driver (XXX)went slowly not to jolt me and the other paramedic (XXX) was extremely solicitous about my pain. I was lucky to be decanted immediately at Glangwili. Thank you.

  • Janet, 56

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the paramedics who looked after my mother. Although the wait for the ambulance was horrific as she was really unwell and an amber1 she was looked after superbly by the paramedic and his crew mate who collected her .We were then handed over outside A and E. We spent the night in the truck with them before being admitted to A send E at 6 am. Unfortunately the service is under great pressure most of which is not your fault but is due to the social care systems not working and not freeing beds up in the hospitals . Waiting is frustrating but we fully understand why it happens we just need to get the public educated that you are not a taxi service ! Every staff member acted professionally and with care and compassion . I apologise if I asked too many questions and drove them mad. Sadly my mother was unable to fight the infection and was transferred home by your patient transport team (again superb) and her very own paramedic and was able to pass away at home as were her wishes Again please convey my thanks to each and every one of them and I just hope that things will improve for you all one day soon .

  • Anonymous, 46

    Hello, I would like to tell you about my experience as a patient....I am 46 and am quite poorley, the only way I can travel to and from hospital is via ambulance, On the 12th of October I had to travel up to Glang Gwilly hospital for an appointment.....That day I wasn't feeling very well and was very anxouis but I was looked after and cared for very well. XXX and XXX were really amazing and really looked after me....I just wanted to say thank you to them both for making me feel safe, they both did amazing and did everything they could to ease my pain....I am so grateful to them both, straight away when they came in they put me at thank you so very much XXX and XXX and I will always remember your kindness and excellent care, take care both of you, From XXX

  • Hywel, 62

    Just to say what a fantastic service that we had yesterday when my wife had a sudden episode when she had a funny turn and could not speak. After phoning 999 the ambulance only took about half an hour to arrive. The crew were fantastic at putting us at ease before taking my wife to Telford hospital Many many thanks for a fantastic service.

  • Sara, 44

    I had to call for an ambulance to my mums second floor flat. My mother has been recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer. The tumour is rare and has spread throughout my mums body rapidly. My mum was confused and fell in her bathroom. The paramedics were amazing. They treated my mum with dignity and respect ensuring at all times my mum was comfortable and ok. We were taken to hospital. Where unfortunately we had to wait in the ambulance for 11 hours. The paramedics ensured my mum was comfortable and warm. And in respect to mums diagnosis they were understanding towards my sister, uncle and me. They ensured we spent quality time with my mum while waiting. I would like you to acknowledge the paramedics good work under these very stressful times and pass on our gratitude to them. Yours sincerely Sara

  • Katie, 43

    The paramedics who attended my grandfathers house ( came to a cardiac arrest but it was actually a massive bleed ) where utterly amazing. I would like thank them if it’s at all possible you could pass that on for me. I’m his granddaughter

  • Anonymous, 44

    I would like to thank your paramedic staff for their work, comfort and professionalism yesterday. In particular Mr XXX Number XXX. My nan was taken to XXX hospital at 1am. She had to wait in the ambulance until 10am and then in the waiting area with the ambulance crew (as it was safer than taking her in and off for toileting needs) until 5pm when there was finally a bed for her. The care and compassion shown was heartwarming. My nan has advanced dementia and nothing was too much trouble for Mr XXX. He was patient, happy and chatted with her all morning. The state of affairs with all the crews having to wait with patients at the hospital at this time is awful. But your crews are doing a fantastic job in an ever increasingly stressful situation. So please from myself and my family, pass on our thanks and support to the crew.