Welcome to The Room, where children and young people can get information about the Welsh Ambulance Service.

Fun and Games


The aim of Bug blaster is to shoot the bugs using the soap dispenser at the bottom of the screen before they get you.  The more levels you complete the harder and faster the game becomes. Can you beat the bugs?

Activity Pack
As part of the "Jack tells you about the Welsh Ambulance Service" school booklet, you can now print fun activity packs suitable for 5-7 year olds and 7-11 year olds and complete the different activities.

We have a new 'Jack tells you more' comic book aimed at 8-11 year olds which you can download and print off.

For younger children, why not print off the colouring-in booklet and colour the different pictures in? To download the booklet, please click here.

To listen to an audio version of the booklet, click here.

Choose Well Quiz - Do you know which is the best service to use if you become ill or injured? Take the challenge and test your knowledge by taking part in our Choose Well quiz.

Big Accident, Little Accident
Do you know the difference between a big accident and a little accident and where to go for help? Test your knowledge by visiting our Choose Well Big Accident, Little Accident Quiz