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Nurse Adviser

Nurse Advisers
Nurse Advisers at NHS 111t Wales (which forms  part of the Welsh Ambulance Service), work within contact centres based in Wales and take health enquiry calls from people in the local community who have rung111 or 0845 46 47 or may have rang 999 and they have not needed an emergency 999 response. This can be during the day or night as we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

People ring either about themselves or about someone else and call for a number of reason’s such as toothache, upset stomach, sore throat, cuts and even chest pain.

As the Nurse Adviser cannot see the patient, they need to ask different questions over the phone and with the help of a special computer system, the Nurse Adviser can assess the patient to try and find out what’s wrong.  Following the assessment the Nurse Adviser can then decide what they need to do next to help the patient get well. This may include speaking to a local pharmacist or GP (doctor) or looking after themselves at home. For more serious emergencies such as chest pains, and to get help quickly, the Nurse Adviser will contact the ambulance service.

Nurse Advisers who work within NHS Direct Wales are qualified Registered Nurses and have experience from different backgrounds such as looking after adults, children, new born babies and patients with mental health problems To keep up to date and to make sure they are giving the best advice to the patient, Nurse Advisers receives regular training and to help them further, they can also use medical books and trustworthy websites.

To become a Nurse Advisor at NHS 111 Wales you need:
- to be a Registered General Nurse (Level 1) with at least 3 years experience after       registration
- excellent communication and listening skills
- excellent IT skills

To find out about working for us contact the Recruitment Line on 01792 562909.

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