WAST Road Safety volunteer - Dermot O’Leary

Rhyl paramedic Dermot O’Leary is driving forward the Trust’s commitment to road safety in North Wales, as Conwy and Denbighshire Road Safety Volunteer.

He has taken on the role to help people of all ages become aware of the dangers surrounding road users, pedestrians and emergency ambulance vehicles operating on blue light procedures.
Dermot, from Penmaenmawr has been driving home the importance of good road safety knowledge since becoming a paramedic in 2003, undertaking roles throughout North Wales to promote road awareness.

The paramedic, with support and assistance from his ambulance colleagues, attends events ranging from primary school visits, county road safety days, college demonstrations and Pass Plus courses around the region.

In 2010 Dermot  took centre stage alongside two young presenters in a film backed by the North Wales Road Safety Partnership and produced by Knew Productions of Rossett.
The short film particularly focuses on paramedic’s experiences of blue light driving to help make youngsters more road savvy about what to do when an ambulance, police car, fire engine or even a normal vehicle approaches them.

Dermot said: “I saw a gap in the market; people were not really told about what you need to do around an oncoming ambulance or other emergency vehicle, I wanted to get the advice out regarding what to do when you hear a siren. It is stressful for us driving these vehicles; you have got to be really on your guard. If anything did happen then you have the call you are going to needing another ambulance, and maybe other emergency resources unfortunately having to come to you and that is the last think I would want.”

“I visit a lot of primary schools to chat to children and it always a pleasure to see them enjoy themselves during the sessions I do. I would like to thank all my colleagues for helping me deliver and continue to deliver this important message to youngsters across the region and I hope in the new decade by keeping this going we can keep children and young adults safe and sound on the region’s roads.”