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  • Mrs Wood, 71

    My husband who is almost eighty had a nasty fall a long way from the property over very rough ground and could not get up even with my son's help so we had to call an ambulance. We live down a very bumpy track in a hard to locate area so it was difficult. He had been lay with his legs under him for over an hour before anyone knew he was in trouble so his legs were very weak. We managed to free his legs but could not get him to his feet. The 2 ambulance crew were marvellous after they fought their way through rough ground and brambles to get to him. They did all the checks before getting him to his feet for part of the way but then his strength went again so they had to get a chair while my son cut a path through the brambles. I cannot thank them enough and can only apologise that he put them to so much trouble. He is now banned from going to check fences. Thank you so much again!

  • Rachel, 36

    I can't thank the hard working staff enough for the care of my mum aho was in agony with pain from gallbladder problem. From the call handlers to the paramedics. I was transferred from nhs direct helpline and the call handler was excellent. Another call handler phoned back to update on progress. It was a busy night and they reassured me that an ambulance would arrive shortly. The first two responders knew straight away what was wrong, making her as comfortable as possible and also reassuring my dad about her. They were letting her know step by step what they were doing, cheking everything and making sure she was ok. When the ambulance crew arrived they again were marvelous, caring and helpful. My mum was in the ambulance for about 8 hours in total because a&e was so busy but these paramedics was amazing, making her as comfortable as possible. There was constant monitoring for any changes, explaining everything they was doing, checking the progress when she would be seen, being in the ambulance so long there shift ended and the day crew took over, who were once again spot on, looking after her monitoring and putting her mind at ease. All 6 members also reassured me and kept me well informed of everything they were doing and what was happening. These hard working staff deserve to be praised for everything they do. Once again thank you

  • Heather, 65

    I would like to express my sincere respect and gratitude to all of the Ambulance Service including Air Ambulance especially to the team who attended a crash incident. Their professionalism was outstanding, they have no idea where the call may take them and I am sure they would have been extremely upset when they attended. I just wanted to say all of our emergency services are outstanding and to pass on my personal feelings at this very sad time. Thank you Heather

  • Miranda, 58

    We wanted to thank the Welsh Ambulance Service staff who attended us. We were on holiday with our daughter who is autistic with severe learning difficulties. She had a very severe meltdown, demanding to leave the accommodation, but too hysterical for us to be able to exit the property or drive safely. We had tried other avenues of help, but with no success, so after 2 hours, as she was getting even more hysterical, we took the decision to call an ambulance. On arrival, the staff A and J talked to my husband outside, and then came in the property. Although they could not give medication, their appearance and calm, professional manner calmed my daughter. They took her in the ambulance and ran some simple checks, which again, gave her a chance to calm and cool down. On our request, they advised her with calm authority that she must travel calmly home. She agreed. They then led us down the road to check that we were OK in the car. We travelled home safely and without incident. We cannot thank you enough. She has never had such a severe meltdown before. We were completely stuck, and in a potentially dangerous situation. The crew were so nice reassuring us that it was fine that we called them to the house. Their manner with my daughter was also excellent, showing great understanding of autism. Please could you pass on our thanks to this crew and management. We are very grateful to them for helping us and ensuring all our safety in a very difficult situation.

  • Susan, 57

    I would like to take this opportunity of sending my sincere thanks and gratitude for the compassion and total care afforded to my uncle by the two paramedics who attended my emergency call. They were consummate professionals dealing with an horrendous situation whilst providing ongoing updates and assurance to myself. I believe they are a credit to their profession.

  • Louise, 68

    Please thank paramedic and the following ambulance crew who attended a 999 call on Friday afternoon when I injured my head and broke my arm. All were very professional and caring.

  • Martyn

    Hi, I just wanted to thank the ambulance that attended my 9 year old son 22nd July. Both crew members were very friendly and helpful, and were patient with my Autistic son (and showed my other son and daughter the ambulance). Hopefully you can check records and pass on our thanks.

  • Beverley, 62

    I would like to praise, as highly as I possibly can, the four ambulance crews involved in transporting my, soon to be 95 year old, mum and myself to three recent appointments at Neath Port Talbot Hospital. Their professionalism, kindness, thoughtfulness and good cheer was an absolute joy to witness, putting my mum at her ease on each occasion. I'm afraid I can only remember five of the eight men involved S G,D, R, T and R but if you can trace their colleagues on 10/05 ; 24/06 and15/07 we would be grateful if they could all be singled out for our most grateful appreciation.