Gweld Adborth

  • Norma, 73

    In th early hours of October 6th, I called for an ambulance because I was experiencing severe chest pains. The operator I spoke with was calm and asked me all the pertinent questions she needed to ascertain what help I needed. She told me what I needed to do, and informed me that an ambulance would be with me as soon as possible. It arrived in 5 minutes. The paramedics were thorough, reassuring and totally professional. In my frightened state this was most reassuring. I was given an ECG, and advised to go with them to Prince Phillip hospital. Throughout this time they helped me feel as if I was in safe ands. As I remember their names were R and J. I would be grateful if you would thank them on my behalf.

  • Emma, 51

    I would like to pass on my Thanks to the call handler and Nurse I spoke to regarding my 4 year old grandson on Friday night. The call handler was called K and the nurse was S. I rang 111 when my grandson had an asthma attack and was struggling to breathe. The telephone triage was very thorough and reassuring. The upshot was that I was advised to take him to ED and from there I was referred into GPOOH. I am very happy to report he is now absolutely fine but it was reassuring to have such prompt and professional attention when it was needed. Again many Thanks to K and S for dealing with my call so professionally and compassionately.

  • Claire, 53

    Hello - just want to pass on a big thanks to E and C who scooped me off a wet pavement in Porthmadog in September in horrendous rain and transported me to Bangor with tremendous good humour and care throughout. You really wouldn’t know they do this stuff all of the time - they were so caring and engaging and reassuring throughout. I felt completely at ease, well looked after and safe in their hands. Please pass on my thanks and huge appreciation. It’s been a difficult and uncomfortable couple of weeks but I have fond memories of my ambulance trip (!) and that’s completely down to E and C (and the comedy ramp) Best wishes - Claire (v low “normal for her” BP)

  • Mary, 77

    Please would you pass on my thanks to Rand R for the excellent service they provided. As you would required, they were efficient and swept into action but from a layperson and anxious wife's point of view, they were kind, patient, courteous and offered dignity to a 90 year old patient severely demented patient. My very grateful thanks and appreciation.

  • John, 75

    I would like to commend one of your para-medics, who introduced himself to me as M. I apologise for the delay in giving this feedback since it relates to his attendance in answer to a "111" call in September, but I hope that that will not detract from my commendation of him. I had been taken ill at business premises. First aiders responsibly called "111." M attended. He was very pleasant and most efficient in equal measure. He took considerable trouble in his examination of me, which was very thorough and displayed, in my opinion, outstanding competence. He also took the time, at the end of it, to contact my GP Practice and speak to one of the Doctors there about his findings. I think that his competence avoided the need for a hospital admission. I recovered sufficiently to be taken home by an employee and then to consult my Doctor on the following day. All in all, M was impressive and a credit to the Wales Ambulance Service. Please convey to him my sincere thanks and appreciation. .

  • Dominic, 44

    Paramedic 999 response feedback. I don't remember his number, but the callout arrived around 0445 and was driving a car. The location was Wrexham. He was most professional at all times when treating me and his 'bedside manner' was empathetic and respectful, and I'm sure anyone would put their trust in him from the outset. He is a valuable asset to the Ambulance Service. Thank you.

  • Andrew, 42

    A few days ago I had an emergency response vehicle come to my home because I was having severe chest pain and was sweating intensely. After two ECGs, it was confirmed that I was having a heart attack, needless to say, it was quite a shock. Three paramedics, one ambulance and one emergency response vehicle managed to stabilise me so that I could be moved quickly to the hospital where a Cardiologist was ready to get to work. Without the professionalism, reassurance, and speed in which they dealt with me, it is likely that I may not have survived what a doctor called 'a significant heart attack'. I hope that these Paramedics read this and know that I will always be grateful for what they did, they truly genuinely cared and showed much compassion.

  • Helen

    Hi - called 111 yesterday afternoon for my 91 year old blind Dad. Spoke to a lovely call handler who was very helpful and kind. By the time I had driven over to Dad's flat a clinician had spoken to him and I was to take him to Hospital. Someone then called him a few minutes later to say no need to go to A&E, a Dr would visit him at home shortly. The Dr came out and was excellent. A huge thank you to the team for re-assuring Dad and me that his sudden onset leg pain was not DVT but almost certainly a muscular tweak, and his general malaise was probably lack of sleep. Dad had a good night's rest and is feeling much brighter today.