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The Trust Board  formally comprises 13 members all of whom have voting rights:

  • a Chairman
  • seven Non Executive Directors
  • a Chief Executive and four Executive Directors

The Board’s role is to:

  • Set the policy and strategic direction of the Trust;
  • Manage the Risk;
  • Manage its people and resources;
  • Establish governance systems to enable it to effectively measure progress and performance, and to make sure this is achieved.
  • Work in partnership with key stakeholders, both internal and external.

Non Executive Directors have an important role to play in the development of the Trust. As well as monitoring the Trust’s overall strategy and performance, they also liaise widely with Executive Directors and other key staff. Their knowledge of local needs, allied to their experience provides a valuable contribution in developing strategies to meet the ever increasing challenges ahead.


Jason Killens
Chief Executive 


Martin Woodford
Chair (Interim)


Dr Brendan Lloyd
Executive Director of Medical
and Clinical Services and 
Deputy Chief Executive


Claire Bevan
Executive Director of Quality, Safety
and Patient Experience


Chris Turley
Interim Executive Director
of Finance and ICT and
Health Informatics 

Claire Vaughan
Executive Director of Workforce and Organisational Development


Martin Turner 
Non Executive Director


Pamela Hall
Non Executive Director


Emrys Davies
Non Executive Director


Kevin Davies
Non Executive Director



James Mycroft
Non Executive Director

Paul Hollard
Non Executive Director




In addition, the Board is supported by the following individuals who, together with the Executive Directors form the Executive Management Team.

Louise Platt 
Interim Director of Operations



Rachel Marsh
Director of Planning and Performance


Estelle Hitchon
Director of Partnerships
and Engagement 

Keith Cox
Board Secretary


For further information about the Board or its meetings, please contact the Trust's Board Secretary, Keith Cox on 01633 626221 or by emailing

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