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The unscheduled care system in Wales is very busy today

EMERGENCY departments and emergency services across Wales are very busy today as we recover from the recent spell of bad weather.

The Welsh Ambulance Service is working hard with colleagues across NHS Wales to ensure that we are able to respond to those most in need of our help as soon as possible.

Inevitably, this will mean it may take longer for us to get to some patients with less serious conditions than we would like.

We are mobilising all our available resources to respond to calls, but we would ask everyone to help us by calling 999 only in a genuine, life-threatening emergency.

This will help us focus our efforts on those who are most acutely in need of our help.

If you feel unwell and are unsure about what to do, please check out the online symptom checkers at

Your Local Health Board websites and social media feeds will have lots of advice on local health services so please look out for more details.


6 Mar 2018 16:08

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