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Slips, trips and falls warning as temperatures drop

THE Welsh Ambulance Service is urging people to take extra care as the temperatures drop into the evening to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Around 10 per cent of the Trust’s 999 calls are for people who have had a fall, but inevitably this number increases during periods of cold weather.

Whilst we are well prepared to deliver the same high standard of care to the people of Wales, our responses may take longer when it is snowy or icy.

Louise Platt, the Trust’s Assistant Director of Operations, is urging people not to venture out unless absolutely necessary.

She said: “Responding to life-threatening emergencies in the cold weather is challenging enough for our crews, without the added pressure of responding to people who have unfortunately fallen while out in the elements.

“Please heed the advice from the emergency services and only venture out if it’s absolutely necessary.”

For those who do need to venture out, Louise has this practical advice.

“Ice and snow can be a real hazard, so spreading sand or salt on icy surfaces on walkways, work areas, and steps can help,” she said.

“Windy weather can also affect balance and cause a fall, so try to avoid, open exposed places.

“Wear shoes or boots with flat, low heels, a slip-resistant sole to reduce slipping hazards and a good tread that helps to grip the surface.

“But when the weather is bad, as it is today, and as it will be into the weekend, the advice is to think really carefully about going out in the first place.”

Click here to watch a YouTube video the Trust has produced about what to do if you’ve had a fall.

Editor’s Notes
For more information, please call Communications Specialist Lois Hough on 01745 532537 or email

2 Mar 2018 16:49

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