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Public consultation on Major Trauma Network for South Wales begins

THE public consultation on proposals to develop a major trauma network for South Wales (which includes South and West Wales and South Powys) is now underway.

The consultation period will run for twelve weeks, until 9am 5th February 2018. During this time the proposals will be made available for the public to review at a series of local public meetings across the region.

The times and venues for these events will be publicised locally through the region’s Health Board websites.

Major trauma refers to multiple or serious injuries that may result in disability or death. Injuries can include serious head injuries, multiple injuries caused by road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, falls, mass casualty events and knife and gun short wounds.

Whilst numbers of people suffering major trauma in the region are small, evidence shows that if you have a major trauma you have a better chance of survival, a better recovery and quality of life for the future, if you are treated within a major trauma network.

As part of the consultation period members of the public in the region are invited to submit their comments and opinions on the proposals.

The detailed proposals are contained in the public consultation document ‘A Major Trauma Network for South and West Wales and South Powys’ which will be widely available across the region and available to anyone who requests a copy.

More information and the proposals for developing a major trauma network for the region can be downloaded from the website at where there is also the opportunity to respond on the proposals.

The proposed major trauma network follows recommendations made by an Independent Clinical Panel which recommended:

• A major trauma network for the region should be quickly developed

• The adult and children’s major trauma centre should be on the same site

• The major trauma centre should be at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

• Morriston Hospital should become a large trauma unit and should have a lead role in the major trauma network

• A clear and realistic timetable for putting the trauma network in place should be set

Electronic copies of the full consultation document are available to download via

Paper copies of the full document are available on request from:

13 Nov 2017 10:08

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