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What will the Welsh Ambulance Service of the future look like?

WHAT will the Welsh Ambulance Service of the future look like?

The Trust is giving staff, stakeholders and the public an opportunity to shape the sort of ambulance service we can expect to see in 2030 and beyond through its Long Term Strategic Framework for Ambulance Services in Wales Engagement Document, published today (Friday 11 August 2017).

Chief Executive Tracy Myhill said: “This engagement document represents the start of our journey in exploring, discussing and agreeing a long term strategic framework for ambulance services in Wales. We all work and live in a rapidly changing world and, unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball to show us what the future holds.

“We are keen, therefore, that we do not develop a strategy which holds us to delivering a set of services that are so fixed that, by 2030, they might still not be suitable for the world we then live in and do not reflect what you, the people in Wales, need from us as an ambulance service.”

Chair Mick Giannasi added: “This engagement document is intended to help us develop a strategic framework which outlines and commits us to a desired direction of travel; a direction which ensures a better ambulance service but that is agile and flexible enough to respond to whatever the future throws at all of us.

“Wherever you are from and whatever your interest in the Welsh Ambulance Service we would love to hear your views on what our strategic framework should focus on.”

Please click here to read the engagement document.

You can email your feedback to by 27 October 2017.

The engagement document is available in Welsh upon request.

Please email if you would like to make this request.

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